BGLK Bundle Volume 2

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I've always loved to read. You can revolutionize your life with the things you learn in a good book If you feel the same way, this is the bundle for you! Get 3 of BGLK's marvelous books in one for an incredible discount! 


Here's what you'll get in your book bundle:


  • Everything You Need To Completely Clean With ADHD - This 50-page workbook will help you explore your relationship with cleaning, give you techniques to tidy up and show you a way to schedule it all while keeping it simple enough that you don't get overwhelmed. 


  • Quick Simple and Easy: Style for the ADHD Femme - In this 50-page guide, you'll be learning the basics: how to quickly assemble a look, apply simple makeup, and find clothing that aligns with your personal style once and for all. Those days of feeling dowdy, frumpy, or unprepared are coming to an end. Get ready for your glow up


  • Taking Out The Trash: A (Self) Love Story (releasing July 2020) - If you've spent much of your life dealing with toxic types, you likely have a ton of emotional clutter to clear up. This book will show you how to create boundaries between yourself and the crap that toxic types fling. You'll also learn how to distance yourself from the difficult person; and finally how to separate yourself from them with minimal guilt. Take it from a former toxicity magnet, you're not going to want to miss this one.


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This book bundle is a zip file that you must download for digital copies. Taking Out The Trash is a pre-order coupon and worksheet. The book will be released soon! 



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