Taking Out The Trash: A (Self) Love Story

This is the Pre-order option for the eBook Taking Out The Trash: A (Self) Love Story, slated for release in May 2020. 


If you've spent much of your life dealing with toxic types, you likely have a ton of emotional clutter to clear up. This book will show you how to create boundaries between yourself and the crap that toxic types fling. You'll also learn how to distance yourself from the difficult person; and finally how to separate yourself from them with minimal guilt. Take it from a former toxicity magnet, you're not going to want to miss this one.


Also learn: 


  • When it isn't practical to separate from a toxic person
  • The physical effect of being around a difficult person
  • How to protect your peace when the toxic person is still in your circle
  • Some red flags to note for your future relationships
  • How to heal from the wounds of a bad relationship. 


In this pre-order package, you will receive a download coupon for your copy of the ebook. Along with your purchase, you'll get a free Affirmation/Reflection guide!

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